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Become part of AJ Tutoring’s expanding educational team.

Cypress College Prep is a private school expanding from AJ Tutoring’s programs, including their for-credit program with HBA. Since 2005, AJ Tutoring has grown almost exclusively via word of mouth because of the outstanding work of our staff. Both AJT and CCP have the same goal: providing a great educational experience for our students and their families. We work hard to maintain our strong reputation in the Bay Area communities we serve. We have high standards for our staff, and we provide extensive training and support in return. CCP is looking for our inaugural teaching team to help lead this exciting endeavor with our 9th grade cohort.

Cypress College Prep is a small (6 students maximum per class) program to support our staff’s ability to personalize students’ educational experiences. We meet students where they're at, and then support and challenge them to meet their high school and college goals. CCP does this by supporting the whole student, mind and body. Through one to one support and small learning groups, we develop students’ academic, social, and emotional skills, and promote physical health. This unique private school option bridges homeschooling and one to one learning by also providing small group social opportunities.

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