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Cypress College Prep builds on the 19 years of success AJ Tutorinstudents have experienced through high-quality individualized and small group support. CCP is working closely with WASC to expand AJ Tutoring's WASC accredited and UC A-G approved partnership with High Bluff Academy. 


CCP supports and develops students' skills by providing:


Students have access to a daily morning course to help them jump start their day, practice mindfulness, set personal goals, and connect with their peers and mentor.

  • Small weekly classes with CASEL-based curriculum and school-wide norms to develop social and emotional skills (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making).

  • Small weekly classes to develop study habits and skills

  • Weekly one to one mentoring meetings with CCP staff

  • After school homework hubs to collaborate academically and engage with peers

  • Mental health focus


A healthy mind needs a healthy body.

Cypress College Prep provides students with a unique and comprehensive educational experience. We believe in the importance of a well-rounded education, which is why we offer much more than just the traditional classroom experience.


Our students get to experience the outside world through our monthly field trips and enrichment activities. We make sure that our students receive the academic and emotional support they need to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.


We believe in connecting and communicating regularly with families to ensure they are involved in their student’s success.

  • Families are involved in developing a learning plan that best fits their student

  • Families have direct contact with their mentor and receive weekly updates on their student’s academic, social, and emotional progress

  • Families are invited to mid-semester success check-ins with their student’s learning team

  • Families have real-time access to their student’s academic progress

  • Families have access to a clear and transparent grading system through standards-based rubrics to monitor their student’s progress

  • We actively build community with our families: Families are invited to join our outdoor hiking activities and monthly family community events

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We understand that students learn best in smaller groups, and each student has different academic, social, and emotional needs.

We understand that students learn best in smaller groups, and each student has different academic, social, and emotional needs.

  • Small learning environment (6 students maximum) per course

  • One to one options (online or in-person)

  • Hybrid options (some one to one, with some small courses)

  • After school homework hubs to collaborate with peers and general tutor support 

  • Accommodations for IEPs (mild to moderate) and 504s

  • Extracurriculars and student clubs based on students’ interests

  • Annual service learning hours and culminating senior capstone project


Students receive ongoing college support and have options to further challenge themselves.

  • Courses expanding from AJ Tutoring's high school for-credit program.

  • 3-year high school accelerated plan to go to college (for advanced students, must be pre-approved by CCP advisor)

  • College concurrent enrollment options to advance and earn college credit, with tutoring support (for advanced students, must be pre-approved by CCP advisor)

  • Annual meeting with a college advisor

  • Teachers host additional weekly office hours after school during homework hub time (just like college)

  • College test prep tutoring options (SAT, ACT, AP) designed by AJ Tutoring experts

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We believe learning should be a focused and transparent process where students and families can clearly see what content and skills students need to master.

  • Students’ class work, projects, and assessments are graded and assessed using standards-based rubrics so that students, teachers, mentors, and families can all understand why they received that score. This takes the guesswork out of traditional grades.

  • Learning and mastery is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Students work over time to achieve mastery. If a student is struggling, the student’s success team can pinpoint what's needed for mastery: recommendations for focused study at home, participation in the homework hub, or pursuing additional tutoring to work towards mastering the standard.

  • Students must master a unit with a C or above before moving on. Grades are on an A,B,C,F scale, as colleges will not accept Ds as passing.

  • Our standards-based approach, along with developing students’ study and SEL skills, prepares students to gain confidence and take ownership of their learning.


Our teaching and support staff are experienced, well trained, and motivated to see your student succeed.

  • All teachers have teaching experience and/or a master’s degree in the content they teach (similar to the requirement for college adjunct faculty)

  • All teachers and staff complete rigorous onboarding training, ongoing professional development, and regular instructional coaching to support quality teaching across all classes.

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 Ready to jump in and learn more?

  • 1:1 virtual consultation meeting

  • Reach out to us to learn more about how we can support your student

  • Ready? Apply now!

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