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A holistic approach

The transformative learning process at Cypress College Prep is designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational and social situations to further prepare them for life after high school. Our teachers facilitate a safe and open setting where students can explore the world around them.

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We understand that all students have different educational journeys and different learning needs to achieve their academic and life goals. At CCP, our personalized and flexible options provide students with a supportive and challenging environment to grow to their fullest potential. 

If you have any questions about CCP and your student, please register for a virtual consultation.

Students with attention challenges

  • Our students with attention challenges benefit from our small and individualized learning environments that don't compromise on quality and rigor. 

Students with learning differences

  • Our students with IEPs or other learning needs receive specialized support through accommodations in the delivery of the curriculum to meet their growth plans.

Students looking for accelerated or rigorous opportunities

  • Our students have many opportunities to challenge themselves through AP courses, college courses, and an accelerated 3-year high school plan. Students will need prior approval from CCP staff before enrolling in these options.

Students with competitive extracurricular activities

  • Our students participating in extracurricular activities (athletics, performances, experiences abroad) have schedules and commitments that may not fit the traditional bell schedule. We provide flexible course and support options, both in-person and online, to ensure students meet their academic and extracurricular goals. 

Students with physical and mental health needs

  • Our students with physical and mental health needs, including anxiety, depression, and 504s, join our small and supportive community. Our flexible learning environment allows students with health and/or mental health needs to participate in-person and online so that they can navigate appointments and treatments.

Students needing an inclusive environment

  • Our students look to transfer from larger schools to CCP's smaller environment that is socially supportive and inclusive of all student backgrounds.

Students experiencing learning loss

  • Our students that have experienced COVID-related learning loss can take advantage of CCP's flexible options to make up courses they didn't pass or improve grades for their college applications. Additionally, our small learning community helps transition students academically and socially back to school.

Students transitioning from homeschooling

  • Our students transitioning from a homeschooled environment benefit from a smaller learning environment with additional opportunities to socialize and collaborate with peers during Homework Hub, class (6 students max), and student clubs. Weekly 1:1 adult mentor check-ins support the home to school transition.

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Our students take high school and college-level coursework: academic core, social emotional and study skills, world language, electives, and college course options.



Students take English, history, math, science, and world language as part of their core classes to meet California graduation requirements.

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Students are supported with a CASEL-based social and emotional learning focused class that also integrates study skills coursework developed by the AJ Tutoring Team.



As part of addressing the whole student, students also take physical education (with yoga and hiking options), health, and art.

On our Flexible Fridays, students have intervention activities to catch up, as well as enrichment workshops to explore a wide-range of topics tailored around student interest. For example, career explorations, wilderness skills, CPR and first-aid training, and much more!



In addition to taking AP courses, students can challenge themselves with the following options (with prior approval from CCP staff):

  • 3 Year Plan: Students can accelerate and graduate from high school early.

  • College Courses: Through concurrent enrollment, students can take college courses to complete high school courses and simultaneously earn college credit.

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Let’s Learn Together

  • Mastery based and standards based learning to better communicate areas students have mastered and areas that need improvement

  • Students work to achieve mastery, which includes retakes, as necessary.

  • Students receive support through homework hubs, one to one mentoring, regular family communication, and mid-semester family check-in meetings

  • Summer school options for completion and advancement


Add our calendar to follow our school events and holidays. Or click here to download a printable version.

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