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Rolling Acceptance after the Priority Deadline (11/30)

Before submitting your application, please review the application questions beforehand and prepare your responses to paste into the application.

*9th grade priority for small groups (or one-to-one)

*10th, 11th, and 12th grade priority for one-to-one options (small groups not guaranteed).

Note: The application link will not save your answers if you leave, unless you fill out the form in your Google Account. Otherwise, responses must be submitted in one session.

Application Questions?
Please reach out to Jonathan Mason, principal at (650) 683-4126 or set up a 1:1 virtual consultation meeting (link).

Connecting Online
Apply Now: Apply Now


Steps to Join our Community

Apply Now: Admissions


You and your student complete CCP's application so that we can learn more about their strengths, academic and extracurricular interests, and goals to determine if they are a good fit to grow with CCP.

We then review applications based on whether our small and personalized learning environment will best meet the needs of your student.


Students who are initially accepted into CCP based on their written application will then be invited to take a diagnostic exam and share their transcripts and any other academic history (IEPs, 504s).

We will also schedule a 1:1 meeting to help our team to better understand your student's academic needs and how we can develop a personalized plan to address areas for growth and advancement.

Lastly, you'll also have an opportunity to meet and connect with our teachers.


Families enrolling their students in the fall will work with our client services team.

Before school starts in September, students may also enroll in summer programs with AJT for skill building (based off of the diagnostic), advancement, or for credit recovery.

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