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Analise Guillermo

Art Teacher 

For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about art. I grew up loving cartoons and I would draw my favorite characters and then ended up designing my own characters and making my own stories inspired by my surroundings. Art has always been an escape and my sense of peace, so this ultimately inspired me to pursue art in college. I ended up receiving my bachelor’s at the Art Institute of California majoring in Media Arts and Animation. During my time at the Art Institute, I gained a strong interest in traditional art and got the opportunity to work with multiple mediums and reassured that art will be the career path I pursue. After undergrad, I became a freelance artist for clients and companies and then started my own small business customizing shoes, clothes, and other items. I am currently finishing up the master’s program at the Academy of Art in Visual Development with a goal to work on an animated film and to illustrate a children’s book.


Not only am I passionate about art, but I have always been drawn to teaching. I think back and some of the most influential people in my life were some of my teachers. I want to be able to inspire kids and be a part of their journey. After having some experience working with neurodivergent kids, I know all students may need different approaches to learning so my goal is to build a relationship with my students and discover what works best for them to retain the information and develop their skills. I know how much art played a huge role for me and I want to be able to show students how much art can be an outlet or even a career path. I believe in Cypress’s mission, and it is such an honor to be a part of this community.


In addition to art, I’m a huge fan of music and film. Whenever I am working on something, I always have to play music or a movie in the background. I also love to travel, try different food, and learn about other cultures. My family and I are huge bay area sports fans and Disney lovers so our house is filled with sports memorabilia and Disney art. 

Analise Guillermo
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