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Math Teacher

Credentials: Masters of Science in Applied and Engineering Physics, Stanford University

My path to Cypress College Prep, AJ Tutoring, and my passion for academics and educational equity started in the great state of Texas. Given that I was born in Slidell, Louisiana, and moved to over 10 different states by the time I was thirteen, I initially found school very difficult; I was never able to establish myself in a stable and constant system. However, during high school, I was able to find my first true mentor in my calculus teacher, who inspired all of my later career choices and helped me develop the confidence to not only pursue my academic passions independent of my background, but also motivate others to do the same.

I graduated from Stanford with a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering. I subsequently earned a masters of science degree at Stanford in applied and engineering physics. I decided to further integrate myself into higher education to find ways to employ conducive and collaborative environments that lend themselves to questions and intellectual curiosity for students at AJ Tutoring and my peers. I worked as both a teaching assistant and a learning assistant in the Physics Department. I had the privilege of mentoring students on a one-on-one level in a variety of topics, including possible career choices, study habits, and class content itself. From my experience, the ability to establish this familiar and comfortable interpersonal connection with a mentor is what has allowed me to best grasp material and delve deeper into nuanced insights—from my calculus teacher to my graduate research professor, I proudly credit all of my previous mentors as being essential to my current success by providing me with environments where I could ask questions and challenge my understandings without fear of sounding incompetent. These collaborative environments allowed me to publish my own research in the field of smart sensing systems and intelligent robotics. 

I aim to offer my students this same environment, regardless of their background and innate skills so that they can aspire to success in any field they choose. As a result, I enjoy teaching and mentoring students; I value helping students develop their core academic skills to open up opportunities for them in high school and college. I am excited to bring my skills and experiences from AJ Tutoring to my students at Cypress College Prep. I want to help them develop the confidence and study skills to achieve their goals as well as the academic foundation in English, math, and other subjects. I also enjoy helping students prepare for the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT, because the testing strategies they master for these exams will stay with them into future pursuits. Of course, I also enjoy helping students see how math and science are deeply connected. I know that math and physics presents many challenges for high school students, and I like making concepts more relatable and giving students concrete, problem-solving tools. Lastly, I am excited to also be a mentor at CCP, and inspire my mentees, just as my calculus mentor did in high school.

My hobbies include sports, space and astrophysics, traveling, video games, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.