Director of Education

Credentials: Single subject physics and geoscience teaching credentials and administrative services credential

I moved from Los Angeles to attend UC Berkeley as an electrical engineering and computer science major, and I fell in love with everything the Bay Area has to offer. During my first year at Cal, I took some education classes, which unlocked a new passion. The education classes exposed me to new philosophies and techniques, shifting away from the traditional lecture-based paradigm of teaching and learning to a student-centered approach focused on inquiry, real-world problems, and hands-on experiences. Although I changed my major to astrophysics, I still continued my studies in education with the CalTeach program while integrating it with scientific research. During my student teaching, I was also a research assistant at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and worked with an astrophysics team to integrate their research into the K-12 curriculum. I presented this work nationally, and in Germany and Chile.

I was CalTeach’s first graduate and received my single subject credential in physics and geoscience, and I completed two minors: education (general) and science and math education. I continued my exciting work as a teacher and held multiple teacher-leader roles (science department head, AVID Coordinator, distance-learning coordinator, math and science instructional coach to name a few) at a charter school in the North Bay. I spent a lot of time creating and finding opportunities to get our students outside as much as possible, from visiting local watersheds to camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park. During this time, I was a five-year teacher-leader fellow through UC Berkeley’s Math for America program and adjunct faculty at a local university’s teacher-credentialing program. I also received my MA in educational policy from UC Davis, and continued this work through UCD’s Educational Leadership Doctorate program (ABD). After passing my qualifying exams, I took an opportunity to transition to administration as an Executive Director to help a charter organization launch two expansion school sites centered around personalized learning and college dual enrollment.

All of my previous experiences have shown me the deep need for a major shift in education to support the diverse needs of students, and this is challenging work! My work now focuses on coaching, teaching, and supporting schools and our current and future educational leaders. This career transition includes work as adjunct faculty at multiple teacher-credentialing programs and as co-owner of an educational and life consulting business. I am excited to support the AJ Tutoring and Cypress College Prep team as the Director of Education to support Cypress College Prep's development.

In my free time, I’m still connected to science—it’s literally everywhere! Whether it’s talking to folks about the universe and its mysteries, hiking, backpacking, or doing some experimental food chemistry to make amazing vegan baked goods (including vegan Cuban food). I’m always excited to share and learn from others.