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Regional Director

Having grown up in a house in which both parents were high school principals, I learned from an early age the importance of education and the value of distinguished instruction. These values continued with me to U.C. Davis, where I earned a B.A. in History and Political Science (2003) and developed a passion for curriculum and test preparation. Soon after graduating, I began working as a public school teacher, a job that, despite its rewards, made me yearn for the more personal, 1-on-1 connection I could have as a tutor. I’ve been a passionate member of the AJ Tutoring team since 2006.

I take great pride in getting to know all of my students personally, identifying the best approach for each student to ensure I bring out the student’s absolute best. Naturally warm and gregarious, I provide a supportive and comfortable environment for students to build confidence. In addition to test-taking, I’m passionate about camping, fishing, spending time with my family, the 49ers, the Giants, and college basketball.

In my free time I enjoy yoga, snowboarding, and reading about current events. Like most other AJ team members, I’m a masochistic Bay Area sports fan: the Warriors, the 49ers and the Giants are my teams, rain or shine.

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