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Chemistry Teacher

Credentials: Masters of Education in Science Education, UC Santa Barbara


I decided to pursue a career in education because I am passionate about helping young adults discover their own identities and interests while supporting their journeys through high school. 

I was born and raised on the island of Oahu. I attended a public high school in Honolulu, got my bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Southern California, and received my master’s degree in science education at UC Santa Barbara. Throughout my educational career, I was most invested in the subjects I studied because of the interpersonal relationships I formed with my peers and teachers. The mentors I connected with along the way made a huge difference in helping me gain the confidence and skills to persevere through setbacks, and they empowered me to work towards becoming a better version of myself.

Prior to joining AJ Tutoring, I had been a high school science teacher for nine years at private catholic schools, a public charter school, and an independent school. I taught chemistry for nine years (including general, honors, and AP level courses) and physics for five years. These experiences have helped me diversify my perspectives as an educator. Becoming a member of different school communities and teaching within different models of pedagogy has helped me to find my own voice as a teacher, leader, and mentor in the classroom.

Tutoring provides a unique opportunity for students to receive the individualized support that I believe is necessary to help students successfully navigate the challenges and stresses of their educational careers. I enjoy building long term connections with both students and their families, and I aim to offer my students a listening ear for their stories, encouragement to ask questions, and a safe space to embrace learning processes (including making mistakes!) in a supportive environment. 

 In my spare time, I enjoy spending time at home with my family, including my cat Yuumi, and getting excited about going grocery shopping at Trader Joes because of their wide selection of vegan snacks.

Kristy Bio: Staff
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