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Biology Teacher

Since childhood, I have always found teaching to be the most enriching activity that one can pursue. In
high school, I was an avid theatre kid and mentored younger children in my local theatre and dance
company. During college, I tutored Organic Chemistry for the American Chemical Society. Chemistry had
once been a subject that I struggled in, so the fact that I improved enough to be able to help my fellow
students is one of my proudest accomplishments, and it truly built my confidence as a teacher. I
eventually started an internship teaching ecology with an organization called Field Studies Council. My
job was to administer science education in an interactive setting. Our lessons took place in our outdoor
classroom in Epping Forest on the outskirts of London, England. Not only did I love teaching, but I also
learned so much about local wildlife and even the history of Epping Forest. One of my favorite aspects of
teaching as a profession is that I believe the most successful teachers should always be learners

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Houston with a degree in biotechnology. The
biotechnology program at my university covered a wide range of topics, from genetics to computer
programming to FDA regulations. I feel that my degree allowed me to graduate with a wider base of
knowledge compared with standard science degrees. Having graduated in 2020 at the height of the
COVID-19 pandemic, it was extremely fascinating to be entering the workforce at such a volatile time in
history. I immediately started a job as a laboratory technician for a biomanufacturing facility in Texas.
My job was to manufacture and purify plasmid DNA that would be used to treat diseases such as cancer
and blindness. Many of the projects there were directly relevant to the current COVID-19 pandemic. It
was extremely fast-paced, high-pressure, and very thrilling.

As a laboratory technician, I found myself drawn to teaching again. My favorite part of the job was
training new employees. I loved the experience of passing on the knowledge that I had gained and
seeing how their minds worked to understand. Eventually, I decided to make the career change to teach
full-time because it was so much more rewarding than anything else I had pursued. I also felt that I had
something to offer to the teaching world that most other teachers did not. With my background in
biotechnology, I have a lot of advice to give to students that might be interested in working in the
biotechnology industry one day.


Outside of work I have a lot of different interests because I am always wanting to try something new. I
especially enjoy rock climbing, language learning, reading, and relaxing with my adorable fluffy cat.

Kim Bio: Staff
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