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Regional Director, Test Prep & Academic Tutor

A Silicon Valley native, I attended Leigh High School in San Jose and took on leadership roles in yearbook and the swim team. After high school, I moved to beautiful Santa Barbara, where I spent four amazing years studying Biological Sciences and Philosophy at UCSB.

While in college, I recognized early on that the gender gap was still a serious presence in math and science: I was one of only two girls in my 200-person multivariable calculus class! I made it a priority to reach out to younger girls in these subjects by tutoring privately and volunteering at a local elementary school. I later became an instructor at a computer science camp for girls, where I learned a great deal about working with a variety of personality types.

Helping people in need is one of the biggest drivers of my teaching. I love that I am able to both influence my students’ grades and improve their peace of mind and confidence. My philosophy of teaching is that hard work is the key to success: I understand that some people are naturally gifted in certain subjects, but I am especially impressed by those students who are aware of their struggles and still continue to work toward better results, regardless of ability. Because of this I ask my students to work hard, but I also do my absolute best to make their work as bearable and efficient as possible.

I am honored to serve as a team leader and as head of the pre-calculus department here at AJ. Through these positions I am able to share my experience with others tutors by helping them develop their tutoring skills and knowledge of local curriculums.

Outside of the office, you will find me working at the local homeless clinics, listening to Audio Books, crafting, baking, or just straight chillin’ on the couch with my corgi playing video games (sweatpants mandatory).

Chelsea L Bio: Staff
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