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Art Teacher 

Ever since I was a preschooler, I enjoyed helping others more than doing my own work: I would walk around the room and sit down with other kids with their puzzles, leaving my own forgotten. By the time I reached college, I took all the necessary courses for the education track in addition to the requirements for my major and minor: I spent four years in various English-language classrooms of middle school and high school students. While I enjoyed my time student teaching, the track made me realize that I much prefer to work personally with students one-on-one.

My educational philosophy is founded on personal connection. Whether I’m teaching English, math, or art, I like to get to know my students first. I’ve found that knowing a bit about each other sets a foundation of mutual trust. I’m also able to better tailor activities around each student to address their specific learning needs, goals, and interests. Ultimately, my goal as a tutor is to encourage confidence as well as excellence.

As a visual arts teacher at Cypress, my goal is to help students to cultivate their artistic talents while also broadening horizons on what it means to be a modern artist. No longer is pursuing art a fruitless endeavour - especially as tech is evolving, art and design are becoming increasingly important, and creativity is instrumental to modern careers. Thus, my secondary goal in my courses will be nurturing skills in real-world applications such as Figma and Photoshop. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in user experience design or user interface design will already be building the skills and deliverables necessary for their portfolios.

I love games of all sorts (video games, board games, phone games). In my free time, I am developing a game with my brother in order to teach the language Cantonese. My other interests include baking sweets, playing with my chinchilla, and building computers.

Becca Woo: Staff
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